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Learning and Knowledge Analytics – getting started

  • Course  Learning and Knowledge Analytics Introduction
    • to raise awareness of the role that analytics can play in education
      • something that has become more tangible for educators to do as more and more education design is done online and gives rise to an increasing amount and array of data …
      • traditionally only available and seen by administrators ..
      • now more and more available to teachers / instructors / designers
  • Course syllabus

Learning & Knowledge Analytics 2011 – LAK11 – is an open course that will be offered from January 10 – February 20, 2011. LAK11 serves as an introduction to the growing field of analytics in teaching, learning, training, development, and organizational knowledge.

While I had every intention of starting this course when it first started in mid January, I’m still intent on moving forward and “through” it even though I’m really only making a push starting now – week 4. Why? Because from the short time that I did spend with the first few suggested resources, I was led me to believe that it would be incredibly insightful and even useful in directing my own professional interests. To be more specific, I can see how knowing about learning analytics would help inform my practice as

      • an instructor/ educator
      • an information technology specialist
      • a professional practitioner
      • a potential learning design consultant

My professional / personal objectives (or the questions that I hope the course will help me answer) are….

      • What exactly is “learning analytics”?
      • What is the attraction?
      • What are some issues / concerns that one needs to be aware of when using it?
      • How is it relevant or useful to what I do now or could be doing in the future?
      • How can I use it?
      • What sort of tools are readily available to me to use it?
      • How easy is it for me to realize benefits of learning analytics – for myself / for my students?
      • How easy is it for others to see and experience the benefits of learning analytics?

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