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Week 1 – Reading – The Future belongs to those who.. (summary)

A short piece that provides a relatively simple (and in some ways already familiar) framework for planning a course of action around a review of possible “futures”.

Begins with recognizing the uncertainty of the future .. and yet points out that there still are “discernible directions” which can support some planning and improve ones likelihood of success in the future. Note: It should involve identifying “futures” – plural because “there is no future that is fated to occur” (p.2).

Step 1 – trend monitoring
Step 2 – writing scenarios
Step 3 – realizing a vision
Step 4 – defining a mission
Step 5 – realizing clear goals
Step 6 – strategies

The article does not suggest that there is a step by step approach to realizing strategic planning that incorporates “futures” review.However, I could not help realize the difficulty of doing most of these steps without such a sequence.

This brought back memories of my own involvement on vision statements in at least three organizations. Two of them with non profit institutions, namely art galleries and the last being with an educational institution. Interesting to note how the work of the smaller non profits was in many ways more urgent and meaningful.

The Institute for Alternative Thinking. (n.d.). The Future belongs to those who.. a guide for thinking about the future. The Institute for Alternative Thinking. Retrieved from

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