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Futures “thinking” – getting started

Am going to following the Open Course in Education Futures ( being co-ordinated by George Siemens and David Cormier. Is it all about crystal balling? I should think not. I’m intrigued to learn just how my own thoughts on the future of education compare with those of others and better yet, perhaps I can learn a thing or two about how one can “improve” one’s game at the art of predicting the future .. especially in the field of education.

My thoughts about the future of education?
Formal education will increasingly be under pressure to recognize informal learning. Key issues?

  • growing relevance / importance of context as it applies to knowledge and its use (socio-cultural considerations)
  • formally recognizing and even encouraging informal learning (JIT learning takes on more and more importance)
  • formally recognizing and even encouraging the sharing of one’s findings in the application of knowledge to specific contexts
  • finding methods to structure and integrate informal learning for accreditation purposes

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