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Week 1 – Cormier Intro (Summary)

Key to the course is exploring or learning how to explore trends now and where they could lead us in education.

Cormier gave an example of “futures” work done recently in Singapore. There they observed that there is a solid trend towards a market driven education future. Results of this? As corporations do more and more training, there is likely to be a knock on effect on high schools (i.e. the need for high schools to do more and more training (specialization) at the cost of  having less time for general education.

Doesn’t this raise still more questions?
Is this the type of future we want.. how can we plan for this (or impact on the forces that may be contributing to it). By reviewing these forces, there should be less room for senseless debate. Instead, debates now become anchored by these possible scenarios.

He stresses the course’s focus by stating ,”This really should be an exploration for people of  “futures”.
He then provides a quick tour of website
Key here was the use of discussion forums for encouraging exchange. link

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  1. Miichael Josefowicz says

    “(i.e. the need for high schools to do more and more training (specialization) at the cost of having less time for general education.” Or it might mean that “training” is taken out of the high school brief. Between Open Source and social endupreneur business models, it could mean a radical downsizing of the mission of formal public education.

    The most likely scenario to me is that a hybrid form of online and face time service delivery. With a new concentration on the acquisition and mindful practice of mathematic and word symbols as the necessary, but not sufficient thinking tools to create a pool of autodidacts.

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